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I wish

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Thank you mom for


  • raising me the right way
  • feeding me 
  • taking care of me when I was sick
  • buying me things and the things I wanted 
  • giving me money
  • asking how my day went 
  • always being there when I needed you
  • giving me a ride to places 
  • cooking the food
  • cleaning the house
  • giving me a beautiful face and smile 
  • taking sacrifices for me 
  • thank you for being my medicine everyday 

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Can I just speak my mind? For a minute? I still think it’s better to say bad words than to do bad things. I’m not saying Bad words are good, that’s the whole point, they’re supposed to be.. uhmm. Not Good; nor am I saying that bad words are to be tolerated. But.. Fvck stereotypes. What good would it be if I held every bad thing I felt within me and chose to keep them until I woke up one day and suddenly felt like throwing daggers at everybody? Excuse me for my beliefs and my way of expressing myself, but I think you should concern yourself more on those who do unacceptable things than those who express themselves. I mean, what better way is there to describe a bitch than… well.. “Bitch”, right?

Just saying. :-)

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No place like home, no friends like them.

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sleepover with bestfriend 

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The differece between me and her ? I can make him smile with my pants on.